I’ve found a new friend!


Ok , Ok … maybe not in the sense of a “friend” that you share your life and activities with.

The internet and various social media outlets has given me the ability to stalk follow various bloggers and photographers from around the world that help me imagine something more than my midwestern limitations wrap me in day to day. Sometimes, I actually take what these amazing people say/do to heart and put it into practice. 

I think that’s one of my “biggest” issues (and no, this is not a therapy session, so you’ll just have to imagine what all my issues are if you don’t really know me) is the idea that I want to “do” so many, many things. However, most days I end up being swallowed by the “have-tos” that keep my little world (and that of my beloved family) spinning comfortably. Sure, there are adventures (the DH happens to currently be in Haiti planning trees), and I tend to not fear the new so various things happen around here that may or may not be successful (still trying to sell the family on the joys of lentils ten different ways). 

But most of my days look scarily like the day before it. And the previous week. And the unending months … the spirit of discontent is my constant advisory and ironically, one of my best friends. 

All that being said, I ran into (via a beautiful Tuscan chicken recipe found here:  My “recipes to try”) Wanderlust Kitchen (http://thewanderlustkitchen.com) this morning! Anetta has traveled extensively, and brought home with her recipes from around the world. I’ve done a little exploration around her blog, and two thoughts came to mind:

One, I want to do that.

Two, I am a failure at life, and deserve the endless piles of laundry to fold and dishes to do. 

OK, I don’t spend too much time wallowing in domestic self-pity. But it does make me wonder why I “know” what elements I want in my life and why it’s so stinking hard to commit to making certain changes. Forward motion never becomes easy. the idea that “A body at rest ends to stay at rest” is perhaps one of the truest things I’ve experienced in my life. 

All that to say … Wanderlust Kitchen inspires me to just keep swimming. Every little thing that moves me forward … moves me forward. Little things (new systems, new recipes, new adventures) are all a part of the journey that takes me from where I am to where I want to be. And that’s good. 

So go check out Wanderlust Kitchen. Challenge yourself to try something new today. And remember the cliched (but true) statement that life truly is a journey of many little steps that add up to miles on your way. 

Now I gotta go fold laundry … 


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  1. As our children grow up and leave the nest, I feel it is the perfect time for us to get in touch with our dreams again. You and I are both approaching the empty nest, (me a little bit sooner than you;>). We have been dedicated to our kids and home life, maybe to the exclusion of our own dreams. Your kids will still need you, but they are out there starting their lives and it’s time to start ours again too! It’s not too late. One step at a time will get us there dear friend. You may yet travel the world and live out some dreams.

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