New Year


I love this holiday! Everything is possible … even the improbably is possible every January 1st. Last year was good … full of ups and downs and joy and sorrow. Like most years. But different.

The word for 2013 was “transitions.” I had my first-born graduate from college … and acquired my first daughter-in-law! My first two move away from home … my third begin his senior year and my last begin high school. My first child and his wife became the first in our family to live overseas (in China).  My elderly dad settled in for what will be the remainder of his life with us.

I’ve wrestled with who I am … nothing new for 2013, mind you, but I could physically feel a shift this year, like when you are standing still and the entire world slides a bit under you. It wasn’t like standing in the ocean, when all the sand is sucked from under your feet and you’re not sure if you’ll be standing for long. No, this was a slide into a new paradigm. All this wrestling and contemplation has left me different. Better, I think. I guess we’ll see.

What’ll 2014 hold? Last year went out wrought with tragedy for many people we love. Sadness visited more than one home we care deeply for, and it drove home for me the shortness of life … the importance of each and every moment. In the quiet week that is between Christmas and New Year, we had time of respite … while our kids were dispersed, my DH and I spent a lot of time just … being. It doesn’t happen very often. I treasured those times, know the crazy will be at our doorstop in no time at all.

I’m learning to hold moments close … I think my word for 2014 will be “savor”. The food, the moments, the laughs and yes, even the tears and melancholy because those times serve as contrast for the good. I want to savor the lives that intersect mine … I want to savor new experiences, new foods, new hobbies and new lessons. I want to hold those times close, let them flow over me so that I can take them in and treasure them.

Happy new year, friends and family! Like you’ve seen, it’s a gift of potential and possibilities. Don’t squander it.


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  1. “Savor” is a great word for the new year. My friend Dee chooses a word for the year too. She does remind me of you in so many ways. 2013 was “peace” for her. Haven’t heard what her word for 2014 is yet. I chose a scripture last year – Psalm 23 all. Looking for a new scripture for 2014. Haven’t settled on one yet. Love you!

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