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Most asked questions.


This is from my China kids. Some if you don’t subscribe to them, but you should! Their take on daily life abroad is insightful, funny, and educational!!! Enjoy!!

Bare Feet to the Road

Marissa & Wes:

– What is yours apartment like?

Our apartment is one of our favorite places to be. Its our little bit of “America” and comfort on hard days. It’s comparable to an American apartment. There are eight apartment buildings all by each other where all of the foreign teachers live, some of the Chinese teachers live, and even some of our students’ families live. We live in a twelve story building, and our apartment is on the tenth floor. Our living room has a sectional, a tv (that isn’t connected to any channels) and a balcony that you can see our school from. Our dining room has a table big enough for four chairs to fit around, the fridge – which is a little smaller than most American fridges – and the water cooler, or, “water machine” (you cannot drink the water in china so everyone has a water machine…

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