Another New Year on the horizon


I really want to blog on a regular basis.

I’ve lost my will to write, though.

But I’m thinking it is a simple matter of discipline. I mean, I see it in every area of my life. I’ve made some really good changes these last few months. And although I “take breaks” because of schedules or lapse in discipline, I’ve incorporated them into what I think life is.

So, why is writing different?

It’s probably not. I just need to do it … like most things in life, right?

So my goal is to incorporate three entries of meaningful blogging a week. It doesn’t sound overwhelming, but nothing really does “in theory.” We’ll see, I guess. 

But now I’ve made it public. And there’s something to be said about making yourself accountable to the greater populous, even if that’s only two or three friends.

So, there you have it. We’ll see how it goes …


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  1. I’m right there with ya…my blog is severely neglected. I see my number of posts going down each year but am uninspired to do much about it. And I don’t even aspire to “meaningful” posts.

    My cousin once complained to me that he didn’t like reading when I posted recipes and I’m afraid I let that influence my posting way too much. Cooking is a huge part of my life (why is it that kids need three meals a day?) and I like sharing that with others-so why did I let one comment make such a difference, I wonder? Sometimes posting a recipe helps me try to get back in the groove of posting. I need to remember all this rambling and get posting…

    So, know that I read your posts and imagine that when I see you I’m thinking “I wonder why she hasn’t been posting on her blog lately?”. (I won’t be thinking that, but if it helps motivate you…;-)

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