Monthly Archives: July 2012

Step by step …


My oldest got engaged last week.

We are excited … she is a wonderful young woman — a beautiful match for him. They have been friends for quite a while, dated over a year, and are planning to wait until they both graduate next year from college before saying “I do.” We are so proud of him, and adding she to our family is a welcomed and blessed event.

Observation: As we continue to get congratulations about his engagement, I am amazed and awed as how many of my friends who have walked the path of divorce still “believe” in marriage — in “true love” as they say in Princess Bride. Even those who have struggled and been through what I would call painful separations and brokenness still believe for my kid. Still wish him well. Still smile, and somehow stand in awe of this thing we call love and marriage.

I dunno. Somehow, that gives me a little more hope in the human race. That maybe somewhere, midst the hurt and the hate, we can still reconnect with that thing that our souls desire — to be known, and loved anyway. I know there is that “unconditional” love that those of faith speak of between God and them. But right now, I’m speaking of the potential and capacity for us to love one another, and co-build a meaningful life here on earth.

Amazed that, even after experiencing proving otherwise, they can encourage my kid on this journey. That they still can find a place in their hearts NOT to give up on the “institution” of marriage. That they have hope that my son’s journey will be different from theirs.

We truly are resilient creatures, aren’t we?

Sitting here this morning, letting this and a thousand other thoughts cascade through my brain. Knowing I am blessed beyond my understanding. Knowing it’s not always this good — but it’s usually a lot better than I think. And excited, to know that my son — my beloved first-born — has found someone worthy and willing to live life with him.

It is well.