Today …


Today …

…I am the mother of a college senior.

…My youngest son began Segment 2 driver’s training … only a few months until he’s an independent driver.

…my oldest daughter comes home from her first year of college.

…we will all be home together tonight.

…is the evening of a wedding that will be the first among my son’s friends.

…I watched my boy take absolute responsibility for his own insurance, and “figure it all out.”

…I talked to a friend and realized what a good friend she is.

…I woke up to the same man I have for almost 25 years, and he still makes me smile.

…I spent time watching wedding dress fittings with my youngest, and it hit me how soon it will be her.

…I rode my bike to driver’s training, and didn’t get winded.

…I cleaned out a bunch of old pictures, and organized my stuff to do my “official” wedding scrapbook (about time, wouldn’t you say?

…I sit quietly, realizing all the good in my life.



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  1. I feel like you have a wonderful list of blessings. It is wonderful to put them in printed form. There are times that come to me and I have to pull out my list of blessings to remind myself that things are good, God is in control and life wil continue. Thanks for writing again. You are kicking my guilty conscience with your exercise plan.

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