And we’re off!


I’ve already started some of my “101” without finishing the list!

I’ve been thinking a lot about adding these:

69. Learning to sync my ipod myself and update regularly (there is soooo much good music I have yet to discover and own!)

70. Call my dad at least once a week (right now, I’m so inconsistent)

71. Organize my curriculum for the classes I teach (it’s always in disarray this time of year) and KEEP IT ORGANIZED THROUGHOUT THE SCHOOL YEAR!

72. Plant seeds and start my seedlings for the garden (that’s a “today” project!)

73. Keep a food journal for “at least” one month (I’ve started this 100 times … May 2012 is my projected attempt to actually DO it!)

74. “At least” once a month, go somewhere I go all the time, but take a different route and see what I find!


Who would have thought this would be THIS HARD to figure out some simple goals??? Wow, I am a slacker …

OK, off to plant seeds and clean rooms! Have a great day!!!

BTW … the picture is from “The Hunger Games,” illustrating the song “The Hangman’s Tree” … no macabre subliminal here … 


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