101 in 1001


I was perusing pinterest (a place I spend too much time, it seems) and I came across beautiful Astra and her “A journey to a dream” blog. Seems Astra’s goal is to promote happiness and joy, and her blog is a reflection of a girl who is probably a joy to be around.

I braked for this entry:http://ajourneytoadream.blogspot.co.uk/p/101-in-1001.html . Here, she describes 101 things she wants to accomplish in 1001 days (for those who don’t enjoy math, that’s about 2 years, eight months — give or take). She set a beginning date — and then an ending. She also crosses off those things she’s done, and also gives highlighted updates to those things “in progress.”

It made me think. Where am I going? I’m in a real transition right now … two kids at college, two kids at home. I’ve gone back to working part-time, and have an opportunity to help with a new project in my community. I like the freedom I have right now, but I’ve turned my back on some long-held dreams. We (as a family) are in a “good place,” but I find discontent my constant stalker. 

I think I need a new “road map,” ’cause there is so much I want to do — to create, to experience — to color brightly the life I have and help move toward a life I want. And this lovely list from dear Astra seems like something I’d be interested in. She has simple things, and not-so-simple goals to go for. She is well on her way (her list is “due” sometime 2014). 

So, I’m going to start my own 101 things list. 

I don’t want to “say” anything as of now, ’cause I really want to think about this. I think I’ll give myself this week — I’m not teaching outside the home this week, so I have a little extra time. But by next Sunday, I want to have a 101 list up and running. 

I struggle to follow through with things that are important to me. I’m good at finishing things outside the realm of my inner life. Somehow, I shortchange myself so often. But I think a 101 list will be a good way to keep me focused on some things I want to do for me. Of course, they will benefit others I love (I know sewing some cute summer skirts for my girls will be on my list!), but I want to learn new things. I want to transfer some of the knowledge I have into action. I want to “do” instead of just think about it.

Wish me luck! It should be a fun week!


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  1. I, too, am at a transition point in my life. Probable move this summer, uncertainty about a lot of things. Lots
    I want to DO, but can’t commit to much til we are settle again. Decisions about where we will live, how much I’m willing to give up of my past life, and community. I need goals. Things that are not dependent on our living arrangement. I like this idea, to help me keep putting one foot in front of the other, and not just shrivel up and quit.

  2. You know I am in a lot of transition. That is why I write. I let feelings out. I feel opened up and alive and feel that I am capable of doing more with my life. Thanks for the reminder. Keep writing.

  3. By the way, how do you like WordPress? I am using Blogger, but it seems that it is pushing me more and more toward the Google + abyss and I don’t think I like the way that road looks. Do you find it to be user friendly, understandable? I feel like I am stumbling in the dark a lot of the time, trying to figure out how to do something. There are still things I can’t figure out and the Google explanation is just too Googly for me. I started with Blogger because that was the one John W. and Phil O. were using. Didn’t know about alternatives. Are you glad you made this choice?

    • I’ve only used WordPress … always liked it! I’m still figuring out the “fancy” stuff. But the basics are good, imo!

  4. My blog heroine (Sara) did this and actually wrote a review that you might find useful as you meditate on it. http://handmadehomeschool.wordpress.com/2009/12/31/101-in-1001-review/
    I absolutely agree with your statement, “I want to ‘do’ instead of just think about it.” This has been haunting me since the new year, to actually start living as I want, and not just daydream or talk about it (talking to myself here!). So it was fun to revisit this concept, but maybe I’ll consider starting with Sara’s solution because I’m bad at follow through and staying motivated (small steps for me): http://handmadehomeschool.wordpress.com/2010/01/01/12-in-12/
    And of course a certain book reading will be on that list!! 😉

    • She has fabulous ideas! I’m thinking I’m still going to try 101 in 1001 … but I’m trying to come up with a way to update … maybe even weekly. And I’m planning to put in a few “ringers,” things that I know I have to do (like photography Seattle for a scrapbook when I go in June …). I’ve also invited my friend and her family to be my first “family photo” shoot, so I’ll put stuff like that in. But I want to stretch it, you know? Just not sure what kinds of things I want to accomplish over the next 33 months and a week or so …included will be at least one weekend a year visiting my hippie friends in TC …

  5. I am sure there are at least 101 things swimming around in my head! It would be so good to set a goal and cross those wonderful things off my list as I “color brightly the life that I have.” Love that.

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