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And we’re off!


I’ve already started some of my “101” without finishing the list!

I’ve been thinking a lot about adding these:

69. Learning to sync my ipod myself and update regularly (there is soooo much good music I have yet to discover and own!)

70. Call my dad at least once a week (right now, I’m so inconsistent)

71. Organize my curriculum for the classes I teach (it’s always in disarray this time of year) and KEEP IT ORGANIZED THROUGHOUT THE SCHOOL YEAR!

72. Plant seeds and start my seedlings for the garden (that’s a “today” project!)

73. Keep a food journal for “at least” one month (I’ve started this 100 times … May 2012 is my projected attempt to actually DO it!)

74. “At least” once a month, go somewhere I go all the time, but take a different route and see what I find!


Who would have thought this would be THIS HARD to figure out some simple goals??? Wow, I am a slacker …

OK, off to plant seeds and clean rooms! Have a great day!!!

BTW … the picture is from “The Hunger Games,” illustrating the song “The Hangman’s Tree” … no macabre subliminal here … 


I haven’t forgotten …


I’ve been working on that “101” list. This isn’t as easy as I thought!

I’ve been putting a lot of thought into it. And I’ve figured out the goal date (seeing I’m forcing myself to start next Monday, which will be Monday, April 23, 2012). And, I’ve got 68 things so far.

I’ve decided to publish part one of my list I’m anxious … excited to do this! I’ve done a lot of ground work … started doing some investigating, giving myself starting points. So, the following is the first part of this list, along with steps I’m already making (although I’m “officially” beginning Monday!) And they’re in random order, so I’ll probably do more “organization” as I get going …

My 101 in 1001 (from Monday, April 23, 2012 – January 5, 2015)

1. Finish the book I’m writing

2. Let my “writing friend” read it; gather feedback from the friend who is already looking at the first draft of what I have.

3. Compete a “Couch-to-5-k” program. (already talked to Bruce about joining me … we begin officially Monday I started Tuesday 4/24/12!)

4. Run a 5K! (We’re shooting for the “Santa Shuffle” in December here in Lapeer!)

5. Lose 10 lbs.

6. Lose 10 more lbs.

7. Lose 10 more lbs.

8. Lose 10 more lbs.

9. Lose 10 more lbs.

10. Lose 10 more lbs. to obtain 60 lb. goal

11. Catch up scrap-booking — either physical books, on-line collages (on picassa) or throw insignificant photos away!

12. Graduate child #3 (Ethan) from home school (May -2014)

13. Train trip to Seattle with Aubree (scheduled this June/July)

14. Help with a family wedding …

15. Another camping trip with family for Dad

16. Move Dad into our house

17. Visit the rest of the US States: Maine, New Hampshire; Connecticut; Rhode Island; Alaska; Hawaii

18. Make home made flavored crackers

19. Teach girls (and boys, if they want) how to can tomatoes

20. Learn how to operate zero-turn lawn mower

21. Re-learn how to hit a softball (honestly, I can’t hit anything anymore!)

22. Read through entire “Common Prayer” book

23. Get at least 2 more tattoos (I already know what I want …)

24. Travel across Canada by Amtrak

25. Take a basic drawing class @ Mott

26. Publish “at least” one article/story/etc.for $$$

27. Publish “at least” one photo for $$$

28. Learn to make home made mozerella

29. Clean and organize basement storage room (got a head start on this one … almost done!)

30. Write a letter and mail it once a week, every week

31. Make home made bread at least 1x a week, every week (I tried some “simple” break tonight — good taste, rough texture. But it’s my first attempt at “artisan” bread)

32. Out West trip for Ethan’s Sr. year

33. Visit New Orleans

34. Take Aubree (and whomever else in family can attend) to Harry Potter World

35. Learn to French Braid

36. Make a ring

37. Make “from scratch” pasta on a regular basis

38. Design and build wind chimes “cool” enough to be give as gifts

39. Build outdoor bread/pizza oven

40. Grow and maintain a successful herb garden

41. Read at least one book a month and write a review for Helium, blog, or other source

42. Make home made vanilla extract (switch to using it all the time)

43. Make home made caramel sauce (switch to using all the time)

44. Make home made condiments (ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc.) and switch to using all the time

45. Learn to knit socks (from my friend, Melanie!)

46. Get another motorcycle (we are already looking …)

47. Make home made body butter and lotion

48. Learn to play “Blackbird” and “She talks to angels” on the guitar

49. Sell some old Victrola records we don’t listen to for extra $$$

50. Make MI History book (and others I have from Grandpa) to Lansing book shop with Dad for appraisal.

51. Get Grandpa’s coins appraised in Lapeer

52. Learn to make skirts for girls

53. Make all pajama pants for Christmas from here on out

54. Make Christmas ornaments for kids and others from now on

55. Try at least 1 new thing from pinterest and blog about it each week (I’m tired of just collecting stuff; I want to DO some of the cool stuff I see)

56. Refinish dresser

57. Micro-roast coffee at least once

58. Vacation with friends

59. Visit my friends up North at least twice a year

60. Write Dad’s book

61. Make home made butter all the time

62. Visit/tour Memphis TN

63. Visit/tour Austin TX

64. Meet Anthony Bourdain

65. Convert old picture CDs to computer to storage hard drive

66. Finish cleaning out/organizing Kara’s room

67. Finish cleaning out/organizing Wesley’s room

68. Covert family videos to CD & store on long-term storage

That’s what I’ve got so far. I know, nothing earth-shaking (except maybe meeting Anthony Bordain). I tried to go with “do-able”, and some more that are “stretching,” … I didn’t go with “virtually impossible” (OK, again, maybe Bordain is improbably, but a girl can hope) … and I still have room for more! I will have this done before Monday.

What do you think? Have you thought about doing your own list? It’s fun … to dream, to plan, to set goals!

101 in 1001


I was perusing pinterest (a place I spend too much time, it seems) and I came across beautiful Astra and her “A journey to a dream” blog. Seems Astra’s goal is to promote happiness and joy, and her blog is a reflection of a girl who is probably a joy to be around.

I braked for this entry: . Here, she describes 101 things she wants to accomplish in 1001 days (for those who don’t enjoy math, that’s about 2 years, eight months — give or take). She set a beginning date — and then an ending. She also crosses off those things she’s done, and also gives highlighted updates to those things “in progress.”

It made me think. Where am I going? I’m in a real transition right now … two kids at college, two kids at home. I’ve gone back to working part-time, and have an opportunity to help with a new project in my community. I like the freedom I have right now, but I’ve turned my back on some long-held dreams. We (as a family) are in a “good place,” but I find discontent my constant stalker. 

I think I need a new “road map,” ’cause there is so much I want to do — to create, to experience — to color brightly the life I have and help move toward a life I want. And this lovely list from dear Astra seems like something I’d be interested in. She has simple things, and not-so-simple goals to go for. She is well on her way (her list is “due” sometime 2014). 

So, I’m going to start my own 101 things list. 

I don’t want to “say” anything as of now, ’cause I really want to think about this. I think I’ll give myself this week — I’m not teaching outside the home this week, so I have a little extra time. But by next Sunday, I want to have a 101 list up and running. 

I struggle to follow through with things that are important to me. I’m good at finishing things outside the realm of my inner life. Somehow, I shortchange myself so often. But I think a 101 list will be a good way to keep me focused on some things I want to do for me. Of course, they will benefit others I love (I know sewing some cute summer skirts for my girls will be on my list!), but I want to learn new things. I want to transfer some of the knowledge I have into action. I want to “do” instead of just think about it.

Wish me luck! It should be a fun week!