Monthly Archives: December 2011

Real “nature”


“The basic human mistake can be explained by saying that men and women live from imaginary identities instead of from their real natures.”

This quote is taken from a publication called “1500 ways to escape the human jungle.” There are some incendiary ideas, so please don’t read it if it’s going to make you angry, or make you think it’s a sacred document for me — it’s not. I found it from a post from a friend, and if you want to read it yourself, you can find it here:*5XTDcvdUn-705uMqh7M4*ik*fkHgDwLv*pRQL2Joy*xuUq4s2WkLj5WQV3Ka*uxsTKOElvExpqsKC1WUKHdTQUf1I0WIzf/WaysToEscapeTheHumanJungle.pdf

The quote about “basic human mistake” is #41. It grabbed my attention, because I seem to always struggle with “what is my true nature?” I think we all practice “chameleonism” at times. We walk into a room, “read” it, and put up certain devices that either help us fit into it — or stand out in it. A lot of people would argue this statement — but if truth be told (axiom #2: Humanity appreciates truth about as much as a squirrel appreciates silver) it’s true. I believe that “who we truly are” is that person that sits in the room with us when nothing else breathing (save a cat or dog) is there. Some people possibly have the beautiful opportunity to share their life with a single or handful of friends who truly see “the real them.” But overall, I think discovering “who we are” is a life-long journey.

The older I get, the more focused this journey becomes for me. Yet my methods become more — playful? — and I enjoy the trip a whole lot more. Still, it’s important to me to live this life I’ve been given to the utmost and fullest possibilities I have. This is especially true as I stand at the entrance of a new year.

What can I do this year to help bring out my true nature? What things are “important” enough to me to be revealed not by what I say, but rather, what I do? This blog is a part of that journey. I’ve covenanted with myself to blog “regularly.” I’ve done it before, but I think it’s becoming a necessity if I am to “become.” Other writing I’m planning to do is resurrect the art of writing letters — especially to my kids away in college. Why? Because I still have copies of letters my mom (who passed in 2005) sent me, and they still remind me of who I am, twenty-five years later.

I love to cook. Creating, exploring, and seeing the satisfaction my practice brings to family and friends stokes me. So, this year involves learning how to be a good pie maker … entertaining more … and integrating my cooking into classes I teach, adding depth and experiencing (and hopefully) and sparking my students’ desire to learn and explore, too.

Other things — personal and not public fodder — are included in this list. But all of them come round to pulling and pushing me toward who I “really” am. The journey isnt’ always pleasant. Some of what I am is evil, and selfish and self-seeking. But I’d like to chi away at those parts, forming them not only into “what I am,” but “what I want to become.” Because I think part of our “true nature” is not stagnant, but evolving, getting better, if we work at it and have faith that there is something “better,” deeper and more true.

So here’s to escaping the “human jungle” on my way toward truth and true self. Thanks for joining me on my journey! My question to you all is: What’s your plan for 2012?