Monthly Archives: November 2011

Scattered, scatter, snow!


Life continues to fly by. I’m more focused on nanowrimo right now (, so not doing much of anything else. OK, I am breaking in my new camera that my husband surprised me with.

I took some time this afternoon to peruse some websites I ran across. Incredible. It makes me want to do nothing else than to fine-tune this. Most of the places I go involve food (duh!). Some of the incredible pictures these people (mostly women) take the most beautiful pictures. It’s almost like you can taste the food over the computer!

So, I am resolved to spend some serious time after the first of the year to research and experiment with expanding my blogging horizons! We’ll see what happens, but I just am in awe of the possibilities!

My life, in the last couple weeks, has included not only the usual schooling, working, and various other responsibilities, but also a quick trip to Pennsylvania with a friend to see her daughter. Also, finally got the younger kids on a cleaning schedule for my Dad’s house. Trying harder to focus on what I am getting done rather than what I’m not getting done. It’s a tough habit to break …

Some pictures from my new camera:

So … I have a ways to go. But right now … I’m pretty centered and focused right now. At least … there’s a “plan”. We’ll see how it goes …