Here we go … again!


I’ve given the blog thing a go or two over the last five years or so. But I’m at a point where I feel the various elements of “me” are aligning into something new … then next “phase of life, for a lack of better terminology.

I’ve taken a l-o-n-g hiatus from writing. This “thing” that I was sure I was supposed to do eons ago slipped silently off my life’s radar, pulled apart by the day-to-day living I find myself doing. And the funny thing about life is that it’s easy to let the “have to’s” overshadow the “want-to’s” that compose our truest desires and dreams.

So I thought a new blog — and a renewed commitment to the regular process of writing — might shake something loose within me. I’m still headed in the direction I desire for my life. Most days, I feel like I’m simply “talking the talk” about a lot of things.

But this summer has been one of actually “doing” things I’ve been putting off. This blog is another step toward actually taking action instead of just thinking about it. This blog will be about a lot of things I really like, that are becoming a part of who I am becoming … cooking, walking, repurposing, growing older, growing wiser. I will try to make this a helpful thing … things that will help and encourage and entertain my readers. And along the way, maybe we’ll all learn a little bit about each other and ourselves.

Oh, and “hobo bone”? It’s a nod to my insatiable desire to travel, to wander, and to learn about new and different things. I came across this cartoon: I think, regardless of how happy and satisfied I “should” be with my life, there is a small part of me that is never content. Like the proverbial hobo, wandering from place to place and from life to life, there’s something deep within me (my husband says it’s gypsy blood) that always wonders “what if?” or “what’s next?” or “I wonder …” Hence, the use of this blog to share some of my ramblings, some of my wanderings, with some of my friends.

So, here we go! My personal commitment is to post at least three posts a week. And, to include as much photo/graphic content as I can “figure out.” So check in often (I’ll also post on Facebook), and join me as I “humor” my hobo bone.


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